Leadership Lessons

Motivated by success, challenging multi-disciplined environments, customer service. Dedication, results oriented, consistent high performer is the professional differentiator. Personal characteristics for success are being motivated, eager to learn new skills and building strong relationships.

Good Leaders are Good Learners

Q. Tell me about a time you presented an unpopular idea or proposal

A. Developing in someone’s backyard is never popular. Communication and providing answers of what they can expect is essential. Listen and compromise.

Q. What are three things you feel are the most important to you in a job

  • Communication
  • Local Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Awareness of Competitors
  • Honesty

Q. Tell me when you had to learn something new very quickly

A. I was given a task that needed to be completed and distributed in two weeks whereas I needed to Scan 109 facility emergency site and building drawings to disk, created a program for emergency responders to access each site and building and distributed and trained emergency responders how to use the program.

Q. Share an example when you had to establish creditability with someone in another function and/or business to drive the result of a cross-functional project

A. It is essential to land development to work with municipalities to provide affordable infrastructure. This includes purchasing land, affordable fill, and many need to include surrounding developments to share in the cost of road improvements, water and sewer.

Q. Share an example of a significant outcome/ result you achieved by leveraging the collective talents of several people

A. Affordable fill dirt and infrastructure as in the example above was accomplished by contacting surrounding future developments to share in the cost of permitting and installation cost of infrastructure. Digging lakes deeper in the community or fill. Purchasing fill from the adjacent land after the the County refused permitting to haul fill on the current road situation prior to improvements.

I have have worked with Tina for the past two years. Her strong understanding of the construction market and how it affects her projects, her ability to work effectively with peers and partners, and her leadership success in focusing, aligning and building effective teams is why she has had so much professional success.

Shelly Peterson

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